Thursday, May 10, 2012

Little Laughs

The other day I asked Sam how much food he gives to the chickens each day. His reply: 'About enough for one day.' Fair enough.

Sometimes people here mix up their 'R's and 'L's. This results in a career change for Felix Chill, going from Pilot to Pirate. It's basically my favorite. It can also mean that we need nets for 'maralia' and that we sing praises to the 'Groly of God'.

I can't decide which I like better.
Yesterday I saw a taxi (a 14 seat minibus which is the most common form of public transport here, sometimes called a matatu in Kenya and Tanzania). The taxi said 'No Retreat' on the back door.  Of all the hilarious words and phrases that are published on the back end of taxis, I think 'No Retreat' is the most befitting because taxis can hold their own on the crazy Kampala streets. I feel it truly captures their essence, their road warrior mentality, and it gave me a big smile.

What has made you giggle lately? Tell me!!!


  1. I love this one! And I like the pirate outfit...maybe to wear while being a pilot? My favorite moments in Italy lately have been when I see Italians converse in high rage voices and lots of hand gestures only to learn later that it was all out of different cultures can be and how quick i am to judge. And my favorite saying so far..MAMMA MIA! all the joke.

  2. I remember taking a taxi (not matatu but a real taxi) in Nairobi and asking the driver if he was Kisii. He was surprised that a msungu would know Nairobi and asked me how I could tell. "It's reverse your p's and b's." I learned that from someone talking about the "pig pumps" on the road....."big bumps" or "silent policemen".
    Good to see your posts!!

  3. Angela,
    I finally caught a Facebook post about your blog. How great! I am so jealous of all of your travels. I love reading about your wonderful adventures. Hope you are enjoying yourself!

    Katie (Stockstill) Sawyer