Monday, May 14, 2012

I only live where the dirt is red.

I only live where the dirt is red.
OK photo found here      UG by me

The people who live in the places I reside are not known for their progressive views, but for their friendly, caring dispositions.
bad example of non-progressive Okies                  cutie patootie
                                                                                     Uganda kiddos                     

Cattle is king in the places I've called home.
OK found here                          Ugandan longhorns by my momma

I only live where the sunsets blow your mind.
OK sunset by Latasha Wilson     Ugandan sunset by Connie Inglish

Pork joints and BBQ pits outnumber juice bars and coffee shops.
Bad Brad's photo found here   UG Pork Joint by Glenna Gordon

I like to live where the buffalo roam.
OK by Latasha Wilson            Uganda by Jon Engles

I guess Oklahoma and Uganda are not always 8,000 miles apart.

PS  This is my 100th post on this blog! 
What sort of milestones are taking place in your life these days?

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  1. Great comparison. As for milestones: It's been 10773 days since I was born, 578 since I started my current contract and 764 since I left Uganda. Luckily, only 177 days since I last saw you =)