Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back to School

I have made the move to a new continent to start a new challenge.  I am officially a postgraduate student at the University of Manchester, studying International Development: Poverty, Conflict, & Reconstruction (for those of you who missed that update in previous blog posts).

A HUGE THANK YOU to Ann & Peter Gill (parents of Felix Chill) for all their help in moving me into my new place and providing all my linens, kitchen needs, start up groceries, and winter wardrobe.  They have made my transition into my new home a piece of cake.

Now I will take you on a short tour of my abode.
This is my room.  Notice, I have even purchased a plant to keep me company, although thus far, she does not hold a candle to Sahara, Tunster, or Phillium.  However, she is pretty and a good listener.

I still need to print some pictures to hang around the place.

My bathroom reminds me of a cruise ship.  It's pretty tiny, but has all the necessary equipment, and most importantly, I don't have to share it with anyone.

my view today

a more realistic picture of what is to be expected in these parts

the kitchen I share with 5 others: an English guy, an English girl, a French guy, and a Chinese guy & girl
we're all doing our masters in various subjects from maths (that's how they say it here - with the 's') to education

kitchen windows

view from kitchen today - but don't let the sun fool you, it's already quite chilly and I'm layering up daily and wearing my winter coats

our hallway with our 6 rooms off to the right

George Kenyon Hall
I'm on the eighth floor and my window is on the back side.
The doors on the right go to the rooms.  The doors on the left go to a computer cluster which is handy because IT guys are there and they've already helped me.  Also if my computer or printer decide to be weird, there are lots of backups in there.

The Sugden Centre - the gym I joined, just 2 blocks away

part of the university - I took all these pictures today, Saturday, so they are lacking about 1 billion students on the sidewalks (known as pavements in these parts)

pretty building on campus part of which houses the Manchester Museum

The Aurthur Lewis Building, home of the Institute for Development Policy & Management (IDPM), my department
It's only 2 blocks away from my halls (that's what they call dorms)

University Place sometimes referred to as the tin can, but I think it looks pretty nifty

This past week was Welcome Week where I got to know some of the professors and the other students in my course.  I had a library induction and chose my electives, had safety & security meetings, learned all about the services offered around campus, went to the society fair, tried to learn the bus system, found several grocery stores within walking distance, and wandered around campus trying to find all the buildings I would be frequenting over the next year.  It was busy week, but I fear it is just the beginning of VERY busy weeks to come.  However, I'm also excited for those weeks and the things I will learn.  

The classes I'm taking this semester are:
Poverty and Development: Concepts, Analysis and the International Poverty Agenda
Conflict Analysis
Perspectives on Development
Militaries & Militarism in Humanitarianism & Conflict Response

I have reading lists that could circumnavigate the globe, so I fear my blog posting will suffer.  However, I will do my best to keep putting a few things on here as often as time permits.

Do keep me up-to-date on your happenings with emails and Skype chats/calls.



  1. Thanks for posting pictures! It looks so clean and European. I hope you have a wonderful first week of classes. xo

  2. Nice, even your blog is studying :)

    Concerning your priorities, they should definitely be:

    1. Blog updating
    2. Reading lists

    Because I want to hear (read) all about your Manchester experiences!

  3. I agree with Els. And I would like to point out that you have been slacking. It has been almost three weeks since your last blog post. I'm waiting. And I'm sure I'm not the only one!