Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Avoidance Behavior: a photographical essay by Angela Inglish

Yes, it's true.  The darling and charming has returned to my life, if only fleetingly.  Els made a fast trip to the UK to see me before her training in Germany for her new job in Mozambique.  We had a wonderful time.

It all started at a Sheryl Crow concert

at the Apollo, just down the street from my place, 

and then Elsie became my tour guide around Manchester.  She'd never been here before, but she is handy with a map and guide book and also has a sense of direction, something I lack completely (thanks, Dad).


Els also taught me about architecture and space because those are her specialities, but pretty much she's just good at everything.  When I grow up, I want to be like Els.

town hall

Els teaching me something about Albert Square - Passing through Chinatown

on campus

eating stuffed peppers and corn on the cob at my place

catching the tram to Salford Quays in St Peter's Square - that's the Central Library in the background

The Lowry Museum & Performing Arts Centre

it has some cah-raze-ee colors on the inside

then we went to the War Museum which had some fun mixed in with the serious

we mainly did the fun stuff since we only had a limited amount of time to look around

but this show was very serious and very interesting how they did it all over the museum with slide shows and lights and audio

from the observation deck, we could see tons of Manchester - this is where Man U plays, Old Trafford

Els took me to Wagamama's - it was basically as delicious as Phil has been describing to me for years

one day we took the train to Liverpool, home of the Beatles, don't you know?

cappas in a quaint little pub

we saw this crazy Catholic Church and toured the inside

and then this more traditional Anglican cathedral for some contrast

view from the bell tower, the River Mersey in the background

the people are so friendly

and thoughtful??

more maps and another Chinatown

suitcases and Gotham City building

I was so sad to see her go.  Els really made me feel 'at home' in a way I have not felt since I moved to Manchester.  She's like home to me wherever we are.  Aren't I lucky to have such a friend?

And Cat was a bad influence on me, but we had so much fun dancing all night at Tiger Lounge, a groovy club that plays mainly 60s music.  I hope to be able to repeat the evening sometime soon in Glasgow where she lives. 

Gina's house mate Stefano had a friend visiting from Italy and  had heard that the best Italian restaurant near Manchester was actually in Clitheroe, so he drove us there.

Stefano's 'driving skills' in his Italian car with the steering wheel on the wrong side

it's basically a miracle that we made it at all, capeesh? 

the English country side

Welcome to Clitheroe

me in a keep, the tower portion of a castle (the castle is no more)


Clitheroe from above

a most beautiful tree

the greatest Italian food near Manchester

(name that TV show referrence in the comments for a chance to win your name being announced as the winner on this blog and a postcard from Manchester)

Due to nagging from Phil, Els, and Hannah and their insistence that blogging should be a priority, I have created this post.  Priority shmiority.  I'm living off you guys when I fail grad school.  Also to aid my avoidance behavior, I have been Skyping for the past hour and a half with Katherine Ann, without whom I'm sure I would lose all sanity.  

Now, I really MUST study.


  1. As you know, I greatly appreciate this update. And as I can see, you're getting a lot of studying done. xo

  2. It is me who is the lucky one. Thank you, friend! Now I need you to make me feel at home in Germany, too. Or at least in Mozambique... Looking forward to that already *

  3. I forgot to remind you that Stefano was the name our first and only McDog. Also, the password to many of my accounts.