Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Basically Live on Pandora

I just thought I should take a moment to show you some of the crazy, wild, and most beautiful things which grow in my yard.  Again, this is mainly thanks to Sam.  This one grows from a pot on my patio and it's my favorite to stare at while wasting hours in the hammock.  Butterflies like it too.

This magical bouquet just appeared atop of little green tree-like thing this week.  It's never flowered before, but from all the little buds, I have a feeling it will become even more spectacular in the coming days.

This is the most Pandorific (I just invented that word, do you like it?) in the yard.  Pictures can't exactly capture the pure wonderment of this plant.

You see the leaves are green, but they are covered with tiny purple hairs which are more dense at the top of the plant than at the bottom.

It's a complete mystery to me.  And when I touch it, it lights up.  But it doesn't work for Philium because he's like Sigourney Weaver and I'm like the marine.  Are you following this?

This one looks plastic as well as the big leaf to the right that goes with it.  But I assure you, all plants in this post are real.

See?  There's even the remnants of a cocoon from the butterfly baby boom.

I like to call this one a miniature bird of paradise, but I actually don't know the names of any of our plants.  Leave a note in the comments if you can identify any of the lot.

This is a chili plant and I should probably put in a different post but I forget about it when I'm writing about our veg patch because it lives in the front yard, not with all it's other edible brothers.  Maybe because it's just too stinkin' hot.  These little babies can do a number on your tongue and my fingers always burn after cutting them.

Now, if I could just convince Mr Chill to wear a loin clothe and grow a pony tail, this feature film that is Plot 38 would be complete. (Oh, and we might have to rig up a killer purple rhino or two....)


  1. Sorry to say I can't help you on any of the beautiful flowers' names... Rudbeckias ( used to be my favourites when I had my own little garden as a child, but that is probably one of the only names I know.

    I'm jealous of your beautiful garden, although I have to admit my mom made our garden into another flower paradise, so lots of enjoying here, too. Only that now she's gone on holidays, she assigned me with the - according to her - extremely important watering-the-plants-every-evening-job, which took me more than half an hour yesterday. But, as Orson Scott Card seems to have once said, "Unemployment is capitalism's way of getting you to plant a garden"; I guess that would make my mom its right hand ;)

  2. Angela, the forth flower is a pink peace lily. As an indoor plant they are known as the best air cleaner of any plant. They need very little sunlight and are watered only once a week and only when they need water, moist is enough.

  3. Plant three may be a Gynura aurantiaca, Velvet Slipper, Purple Passion Plant. I had something similar but googled "green plant with purple hair and looked at this site, It had a good picture you could compare with.

  4. Purple Passion! One of my faves. Your flowers are so beautiful and amazing! Jealous!!