Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An Invastion

A week or so ago, there was a party going on in the nature around our home.  The millions of caterpillars that came from nowhere were stringing spiderweb-like streamers from every limb, leaf, and car antennae.  What they were celebrating I didn't know at the time, but what I did know was that these caterpillars were getting out of hand.  One night while sitting in the dining room, I thought I heard the beginning of a light rain. Pitter-patter-pitter-patter on the leaves.  I went to investigate.  No pitter-patter on the the patio.  No drops of rain on the stairs.  What is going on?  I went to the outside of the dining room window where I found the sidewalk dotted with tiny black specks.  What the heck?  They were coming down in a constant flow from the tree.  And what were they? Caterpillar poo, of course!  You see, these caterpillars were partying for good reason.  Their lives were about to change.  But after the party, comes the purification (poo, poo, poo) and then
after sticking on surfaces like the house, cars, leaves, sidewalks, garage doors, and dog tails

after waiting for about one day

things start to happen

and voila!  Transformation!

And all those caterpillars make lots and lots butterflies

Which hang out on every surface

in biblical proportions

even laundry isn't safe from these fluttery fellows

The trees, the bushes, and even the grass move and buzz all day long with their new butterfly inhabitants.  It's quite a phenomenon to experience.  

To new life!

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