Sunday, December 4, 2011

Epic Journeys & Excellent Adventures in Mozambique

I am sure you all remember the lovely lamb Elsie who used to grace this blog quite frequently due to her extreme awesomeness and regularity in our lives. She was there for home improvement projects such as the pizza oven and the painting, repainting and final repainting of the kitchen which were documented here.  We also shared many meals, yoga practices, and game nights together.  Then, one horrible day, she was ripped from my arms and had move back to Belgium.  Luckily, Belgium is not far from England so she hopped over for few days while I was there and was an awesome tour guide for me in my new city (although it was new to her as well).  Last year, Els got a job in Mozambique and since I'm yet to find employment (sort of - more on that later), I thought it was my turn to visit her place and headed down to see my good buddy.  I REALLY want to write a long, intricate story about all the cool things I did, incredible people I met, and adventurous journeys that I took, but alas, I have a lot on my plate, and Els is not only a master decorator, good friend, wonderful host, fellow yogi, and aspiring baby snatcher, but she is ALSO and tremendously stupendous blogger.

One tiny problem with just linking you to Els' blog to recap our time together is that she happens to blog in Dutch (just one of her 5 languages), so I think most of you will have to rely on Google translate for the dish - this often proves to be fairly inaccurate, but should get across the highlights of the journey.  The photos really help.  Also, check out my facebook album to see even more fun pics of Mozambique!

Part I: Sights
Part II: Arrival and Transportation
Part III: Activities

Enjoy and stay tuned from more straight from the horses mouth. 

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  1. I keep forgetting your blog updates don't show on my bloglist any more... And although this is half-cheating (and certainly too much praise), I still always have to laugh really hard while reading =)

    How's England, Doutora Angela?