Monday, July 11, 2011

Well Be Back!

Well, I guess you could say I'm home.  I've been here now, nearly permanently except for my jaunt to England, since January 2007.  Originally, I never thought I would be in Uganda more than 6 months.  But I suppose that's the way life usually goes - planning and pondering the future are important, however, it has been my experience that one should not be too infatuated with any distant visions as they may be flipped around and turned upside down.  Lucky for me, this tipsy topsy version that is my reality has the tendency to be far better than my original blueprint.  

While writing my dissertation is no pleasure park (and I use the term 'writing' very loosely when perhaps something along the lines of 'staring at my computer', 'gallivanting around Kampala', or 'playing Wii and watching movies'  would be more apt), I am so happy to be back in Uganda where I am often greeted with the friendly phrase 'Well be back!' Well be back is one of my favorite Ugandan expressions which is used after only stepping out of the house for 9 minutes to buy a mango at the market or after 9 months in the UK to get a masters or after 9 years on the moon.  It feels good to hear it.  It feels like home.  Here are three of my favorite reasons to be back:

1) Mr Felix Chill on a canoe to Hairy Lemon Island in the Nile for a birthday getaway 2 weekends ago (Phillium has just entered his 3rd decade!)
2) Tuna (the tiniest tot) and Sahara (aka Killer who has fortunately mellowed in her old age - she turned 3 on the 7th! - and for the most part, is really nice to her sister)
3) Alex, to be 3 in August, who is constantly running around the compound, singing, trying his hand at gardening with Sam, and occasionally seen trying to ride the dogs.  His momma says Tuna and Alex are best friends. Here he is pictured in the hammock featuring his gorgeous grin.

Here's to plans not going as planned and homes in distant lands.  Now back to this 'writing' business.

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  1. Ooooooh... Only TODAY I found out that your blog does not update automatically anymore on the Blogger Dashboard list. If only I'd known. But the bliss of *2* new posts all at once totally made up for it ;) Give Philster, Tuny, Killer and little baby Alex who has now grown into not-so-little-but-still-incredibly-charming a BIG hug from me!