Friday, June 24, 2011


There are a few things that are changing around here:

1) the look of my blog to portray my transitional state - I've moved back to Uganda after a short trip to France and plan to return to Manchester, but just for a visit in order to finish my dissertation in a little over a month (I plan to expand on the first 2 things in subsequent posts)

2) you now have to be invited to this blog, because I'm applying to jobs and this place is silly and not serious and might not inspire confidence in future employers - besides that, the internet is a scary place and maybe I shouldn't have all my business out there for just any one to read.

3) well, actually numbers one and two pretty much sum it up, but it just seemed like more changes to me.

Back soon. xoxo

1 comment:

  1. Changes here as well: 1) My friend is moving out of my house (I plan to expand on that one in a subsequent post as well); 2) When I'm inside and say something, it echoes because there is hardly any furniture left; and 3) That also pretty much sums it all up ;)