Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Got No Water

One thing you "get used to" living in Uganda is doing without water and power for periods of time.  Lately we have been "getting used to" the former.  I hate "getting used to" such inconveniences.  We filled jerry cans from down the street, showered at a friends, but a girl can only go for so long until something must be done.  We're not usually impatient about these things, but every call to the water company proved fruitless.  When asked how long it may take to repair the problem, I was told "Let us hope for today, but maybe some few weeks."
So Felix arranged for these guys to come and save my life.  

They brought a huge water hose and stuck it in the top of our water tank.

And filled 'er right to the tippy top.

I'm so grateful unto them.  Hallelujah.


  1. No water is definitely a *real* test to one's ability to adapt to a basic lifestyle... Hope it is fixed now!