Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Everyday Update

1)As you may have noticed, Saturday was Halloween. Even in Uganda it was Halloween, although I'm not sure that most Ugandans were aware.  We went to a big expat party where they served the most AMAZING hot dogs with onions and soft buns.  Sigh. They were good.  Phil had 4!!!!  I had 1.  Then we danced and drank into the wee hours of the morning.  These are the costumes we came up with from things around the house.  I know cat is sort of the most lamest thing one can be for Halloween, but stuff it, okay.  I was in London last week and then I was going to be a pilot, but Phil's flight suit is HUGE and looked ridiculous, so I was cat.

2) Yesterday I saw 5 of these in the yard. FIVE! 

They are ginormous, they are squishy, AND they are spikey.  Spikey!  I have never in this great nation seen such a monster nor do I want to see them again.  It must be of the devil because It. Is. Scary.  The dogs have paid them no mind at all.  Which is good because I feared they might try to eat one, as they do most moving things from ants to goats (Sahara once even harassed the poo out of a cow.  Literally.)  I thought certainly they would be poisoned and die should one of those spikes penetrate their doggy exterior.  I really started to panic when I mentioned the beasts to Hannah on Skype, and she said "What if they get in your garden?"  Can you imagine??? What if they did?  All our fine produce (see #3).    I worried all through the day, making sure the doors and windows were securely closed (something we NEVER do) and when I showed the photos to Phil upon his return from a Long, Hard Day, he said, "Yeah.  I stepped on one before, barefoot, when I was getting something from the garage."  That was it.  He didn't die.  He didn't even mention it to me when it happened.  So I guess the creepy, crawly, super prickly catapillars are no threat.  Phew.

this one definitely was coming in for a taste of Tuna

3) Look at what is coming out of our very own garden these days.  Jealous??? 

4) I just put in this little box on the right, so you can subscribe to my blog if you want, which means you get an email everytime I post something.  I'm not sure if it actually works, but here's to hoping.  My mom keeps forgetting I have a blog.  Like yesterday, I was Skyping with her and she asked about London.  And I was like It was totally awesome and didn't you read my blog? and she was like No. Not yet. and when your mom is not even reading your blog, you get depressed.  Hence the subscribe button, but you don't have to be my mom to use it.  Anyone can.  And I don't even think I can know you're subscribing, so if you're a blog stalker, go ahead, sign up.  (It is my greatest dream to have a blog stalker.  Lame.  I know.)

5) I was just thinking about turkey.  Maybe because it is now November (which, by the way, how did that happen so fast?) and November is the month of the turkey.  Maybe because I was thinking about sandwiches and how a turkey sandwich would be nice, but we don't really have turkey here except the whole kind and then it costs 1,000,000 Ugandan shilling (you can ask Phil.  I once made him buy me one for our Thanksgiving).  Doesn't matter why I was thinking about turkey, I was just saying I was thinking about turkey to lead into this next bit which is a memory of chicken, not a turkey, but hopefully you can follow along just the same.

Sahara was puppy when we lived in the guest house at the Hodges.  They had two grown dogs, Carla and Ember.  One night Sarah had made a roast chicken and was going to give some of the bones and yukky crumbs to the dogs.  Ember could be quite territorial when it came to food and in order to protect Sahara from getting her little puppy head bitten off, Sarah put Sahara in the house while she gave the big dogs the bird bits.  Meanwhile, Sahara knocked the entire roasted chicken on floor and was scarfing down dinner when Sarah came back in.  Ha.  Naughty but clever dog.  Sorry, Sarah and Andrew and guests who had to eat the leftovers.

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