Monday, October 26, 2009

Served Cold

I'm not usually the vengeful type, but I have been thinking about ways to get back at Sahara for the events detailed in the post below. And what better than this:

celebrating Sahara's first birthday with a fancy hat

And this:

airline socks to keep her from scratching her stiches

Ha. You drag me into a ditch and I post embarrassing pictures of you on the World Wide Web! Take that, Killer!

Ok, now we're even.


  1. Glad to hear you weren't really hurt on your incident with the goat. I feel for the goat. Also glad to know you are not going to repeat that episode any time soon. I had a good time in Fort Lauderdale, FL last week with work. It was my 1st time "onsite" for a program. Usually I am quite involved just not at the destination. Today is Wed. and therefore my day off, due to my taking the voluntary reduced work week, until Xmas. I talked with your Grandma this morning for a while, she seems to be doing well. She had a therapist coming to see her this morning. I plan on going to Carol's church to scrapbook Nov. 7 and then that evening to my church for a Family Banquet. Allen is even going to sing a karoke solo. He has a new karoke machine with a mike and everything. I hope it goes well. He has a very good voice, I just hope he feels good about the experience afterwards. One good thing is, he has a very friendly audience. The theme for the banquet is music, music, music and there are usually many acts.
    Gotta go,