Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Garden We Shall Grow

Uganda is known for its lush landscapes of flowering bushes and tropical trees. I've heard a saying that if you spit your watermelon seed out the window, in a week you will have grown your own. While I originally thought this could be the case, I have since learned it also takes some skill. While I do not personally possess said skill, Sam, our gardener, does.

Our biggest obstacle to tackle when creating our vegetable patches was keeping the dogs out. Even though the compound we live on is approximately half an acre, plenty of room for Sahara and Tuna to run and play, the dogs have an itching desire to sink their paws into the fresh turned soil of the garden. After our first fence to keep them out utterly failed, only 2 feet high, an easy jump for either mutt, a larger fence was constructed. This still did not keep our four-legged friends from indulging themselves so sticks have been added to the top of the barrier and pegs at the bottom to prohibit digging under the chicken wire.

Sahara occasionally finds a gap in the gate, but for the most part, we have finally created a fortress to protect our much loved homegrown produce.

the lower garden: corriander (cilantro), basil, rosemary,
lemon grass, lots of different lettuces

upper garden

pepper plant

carrots, tomatos, peppers, spinach, lemon basil, dill, chives, more lettuce

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