Saturday, November 24, 2012

Some Weekends Away

I have this grand plan to spend one weekend a month outside of Kampala. I'm not sure how realistic this plan is, but I have three months under my belt and the next two planned (one of them being more than just a weekend - a proper two week vacation!), so I feel its maybe acceptable that February would be a no-weekend-awayer (plus, its a short month any way) and March is already booked. But I'm getting WAY ahead of myself.  Let me just tell you a little about the last three weekends I spent in glorious nature, with wonderful friends, getting some heavenly relaxation.

The first was back in September when there was a going-away trip planned for my dear friend, mentor, and yoga teacher, Helle. Helle has been so much to me for the past four and half years since I started regularly attending her yoga classes. I'm so sad she has gone, but so grateful for all that I was able to learn from her. She is sorely missed but I hope our paths will cross again soon, maybe at her new home in New Zealand. 

The weekend was spent at One Minute South on Bulago Island in Lake Victoria. We had the whole place to ourselves with a magical chef who made incredible vegetarian food. We enjoyed yoga, meditation, Tai Chi and 108 sun salutations. We also relaxed by the pool, hung out by the camp fire, and braided each others' hair. It was truly a special weekend that I will never forget.

The outing in October was of a more adventurous nature. We headed to the Nile to enjoy the world's most dangerous kayaking competition.  We camped, party (Glastonbury style - in the mud), and witness some of the most gnarliest kayak moves on the planet.  We also finally got around to visiting Hollie on her island.

Most recently (last weekend), we went to a new lodge outside of Lake Mburo National Park for a marriage course. The course is to help couples learn to communicate, find out each other's priorities in areas you may not commonly address in everyday life, etc. I think initially the course scared the Chill. On the way to Mburo, Felix asked, "Now what is the weekend all about?" and I said the way I understood it, we wouldn't have to share anything with the group, just with each other and that it would be about helping to make sure we remain happy in our relationship. He then said with conviction, "Well, whatever it is, I'm sure we're strong enough to get through it." I think he was envisioning more of a couples challenge weekend: last two standing win.  The instructors of the course were incredible, making all the topics easy to approach as they were so open and honest about their relationship. We also got meet and hang out with people we hadn't previously known.  In addition to the course, we took a nap, I led early morning yoga, pet a bush buck and drank too much wine. I highly recommend it.

Have you had any weekends away lately? 
Perhaps for Thanksgiving?
Which reminds me, I  am so very grateful for you.
Thanks for reading this blog.


  1. Your weekends sound lovely! Thank you for sharing. Perhaps you should try to spend one of those in... Turkey! : )

  2. I am just now catching up on your blogs! i love this one=) so thankful for YOU!