Thursday, May 19, 2011

Semester Two: Done!

I handed in my final essay of semester two on Tuesday.  Woo hoo!

Many of my colleagues finished the Friday a full week before, so there was ball and then the next weekend a BBQ.  Its been amazing to have a real social life in Manchester.  Other highlights include drinks at the union, midnight kabab shop snacks, nacho night, and just a general feeling of merriment and relief.  However, I'm already back in the library doing research for my dissertation and job hunting.  But the stress and pressure is no longer so intense.

Thanks to everyone here in Manchester who spent stupid hours with me in the library, to my dad for editing my essays and to my mom for typing in the tracked edits, for Felix for always being patient and understanding, for all of you - friends and family- and your encouragement and kind words.  It's not over, but we've gotten so far.  And thanks for reading this silly blog that has been all kinds of boring while I studied.


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  1. You look gorgeous on that picture! Congratulations on your finished essays and good luck with the dissertation *