Monday, March 15, 2010

The Pizza Oven: Part 2

The rain in Kampala finally let up, and so the saga continues.

During the week, Angela and Phil laid the cooking surface.  It was of the up most importance that it be smooth and beautiful.  Angela spent quite some time polishing all the stones to be sure that no excess clay blemish her baking area.

It is a masterpiece.

Handy Mr Chill crafted the dome mold from a piece of plywood and carefully planned his masonry pattern.  While he did this, Angela and Els went shopping for kitenges.

When they returned from the bustling taxi park area, they were delighted to find that Phil had completed so much of the essences of the oven.  Els tried to assist Felix, but was shut down.  He's become quite the independent contractor lately.

Showing his commitment to the cause, Phil passed up an afternoon at the pool to complete the back end of the oven.  Angela also passed up the pool to show commitment to Phil and the pizza oven process, although it was tough.

The following day, Angela taped off the base to keep the oven looking tidy.

Using an awesome cement spitting machine, Phil began the beautification process.

Angela also used the wacky machine, but Phil is a handy man, not a photographer.

One courageous ginger plant bravely gave his life so that the back of the oven might also be covered in cement.

Then came test time.  The support bricks were carefully removed.  And the arch stood!

The plywood was expertly ripped to shreds while still in the oven, then removed.  And the arch stood!

Sahara has taken on a supervisory role and thinks the work is going well.  Phil is still working on the outer shell.

Hopefully the next installment of this tale will be the last (typing in third person is exhausting).

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