Friday, February 5, 2010

Everyday Update

1) I’m sort of excited and sort of depressed to present a post with such a title. The past two months have been pretty nonstop for me. South America, the UK, and then an unexpected trip to the USA. My Grandma Sloan passed away and I could hardly bear the thought of not being there for the funeral with my family, so after only being back in Uganda a week and a half, I punked out on the conference I was coordinating and boarded the first plane to ‘Murica. Although the circumstances for the trip were quite grim, it was so comforting to be there for the funeral, and I also got to have a lot of fun with friends and family. However, all that travel has meant a lot of work has piled up which I am slowly tackling day by day. On the upside, it’s nice not living out of a suitcase, it’s nice to have some lazy time in the hammock and, although it’s not fun, it is possible to be on a diet once again, which is very necessary.  I even have tried this video, which nearly killed me.

2) I am officially in the process of applying to grad schools. Since I’ve now told you this, if you don’t hear more on it in the next 5-6 months, just assume the worst and do not ask me about it, as I will be very depressed about having not been accepted. And, let’s face it folks, this is a distinct possibility. I’m applying to International Development programs at the University of Amsterdam, the University of Sussex, the University of Manchester, and KU in Leuven, Belgium, all of which are highly competitive. Wish me lots of luck.

3) Lately in the garden we have a lot of excitement:  radishes and cucumbers! Oh my!

4) What's an Everyday Update without some news of those notorious but lovable little mutts, Sahara and Tuna?  Well, it's not an Everyday Update, that's for sure.  I may spoil the pooches a bit.  I mean, I work from home, so I can give them little doses of lovin' throughout the day.  In the evenings, I sometimes let them crawl on the couch for a cuddle.  I'm here for them is all, really.  So when I was not here for them, they turned into the devil incarnate.  They shredded their bedding, and this is all that's left.

Even their basket.

The patio cushions got a bite or two taken out of them, and the new pillows I had sewn are unrecognizable.

But then they got the hammock.  Els who was house-sitting while we were away broke the news before we returned home and I thought we might have two monsters up for adoption when we got back to Uganda.  But once again, I forgave them and mended the hammock with lots of knots and bit of extra string.

Then some doggy karma came back and got the Tunster.  She had a nasty eye infection and the medicine looks like this:

Poor baby.

5) Since we moved into Plot 38, it has been my dream to have twinkle lights wrapped around the veranda railings.  Last Christmas, Tracy Nordquist gave me several boxes.  Immediately upon my return home from the States, I recruited the help of Felix Chill and we went to work hanging them all around our outdoor living space.  That evening we turned on the lights and boy howdy, I tell you those things were BRIGHT.  I mean they lit up the patio, the yard, the street, the neighbor's yard and half of Makindye.  That is until they all burnt out.  Even though we switched the American plugs to English plugs, the juice was still coursing through the wires at a rate unfit for those little twinkle lights.  And in one evening, their little lives were cut short.  So this Christmas we got some solar powered twinkle lights and I am one happy girl.

It's hard to take pictures of twinkle lights.

As you can see, life in Uganda is not quite the exciting travel life of South America.  But I guess it will do.


  1. It certainly did! And once again my apologies for shredded cushions, baskets, hammocks and more... And good luck - I am sure you won't know which university to choose *

  2. it's not your fault our dogs are the naughtiest little beasts on the planet! thanks for house-sitting. it was so comforting to know you were here. xoxo

  3. I'm sorry about the lights. Mine are still burning bright. I'm glad you found some replacements.

  4. 1. Victoria Johnson Abs-Child's Play.
    2. KU in Leveun-how 'bout KU in Lawrence?
    3. Yummmmmmmm! Fruit and Yogurt Parfait!
    4. Hot Dogs anyone?
    5. Tell me when Felix Chill's rap album comes out. If one isn't scheduled let's get started.

    Misc---Michael Franti was at Jazzercise on Monday. My date last week cancelled because his Chron's was flaring up. (wikipedia that!) Finally, I have internet a la maison so I'm ready to reconnect. XO-Katherine Ann