Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fallin' into Argentina

From Paraty, the Philster and I embarked on a 24+ hour bus journey to Iguazu (Spanish)/Iguassu (Portuguese) Falls, located on the border of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay (quite nearly, but not quite).  Although relatively painless for such a extensive amount of time on a bus (the seats almost recline flat), I did nearly kill Philium on the journey.  I'm sure fellow passengers saw the swatting and poking as some sort of adorable flirting ritual, but I assure you, I was going for the kill -- all eyes and groin.  Sometimes travel just does that to a girl.  It makes you want to kill your boyfriend and I'm pretty sure he wasn't faking with that tae-kwon-do stuff either.  However, we eventually fell asleep and woke up friends again.  That's why I picked Gill.  He forgets easily.  I'm the forgiver.  And that's why we work.

So we got to Foz de Iguassu, the Brazilian town located right outside the park that surrounds the falls.  From other travelers we met along the way, we heard the Argentine side of the falls were where it's at, so we boarded yet another bus and crossed over to Argentina.  Although quite close, there were customs to pass and several buses to board, so it took some time, but we made it, and it was worth the trip.

We checked in at the best hostel I've ever seen and spent the afternoon by the pool.

see what I mean??

two Brazilian dancers did a performance for us that night. a picture is worth a thousand words.  what are the thousand words that are being said to you right now?

then there was a dance competition between some of the ladies in the audience.  I WON!!!  No joke.  But I'm sure you're not surprised.

The following day was spent at the falls.  Have you been to Niagra?  Imagine that times 10.  They're incredible. HUGE. POWERFUL. BEAUTIFUL.  Just check out these pictures.



views from the upper trail

Picture of people taking the boat ride we took later in the day.

And then......because we're idiots.......and we're forgetful......and we're lazy......the unthinkable happened.  I'm telling you, it was UNTHINKABLE.  Can you guess?  Not only was it unthinkable.  It was a sort of a tragedy.

Are you thinking terrible and horrible?  Basically unforgivable???

Ready for this?  WARNING: It's going to break your heart.

Okay, I'm just going to say it (but it's kind of like reliving the day that we (Angela, Connie, & Boley circa 1998) discovered Kellog's changed the recipe for the original Cracklin' Oat Bran and the "new & improved" was just not nearly as tasty)

(it's still pretty delicious, so you should try it if you haven't)

THE CAMERA DIED. (moment of silence)

Not actually died, but the battery gave up.  Just quit on us on such an important day.  Boo hoo hoo.

Luckily I stole borrowed some images from the World Wide Web to show you what else we saw.

view from the boat ride - it gets you TOTALLY drenched.  pretty amazing to feel the power even though you don't even go underneath, it's frightening.

view from the bottom trail

another view from the bottom trail catwalk to the falls.  you get soaked if you go out there.

we didn't actually get this view because I'm pretty sure it's from a helicopter, but look at this incredibleness.  They're massive. 

I took this picture the following day after reviving the battery from the airplane on our flight from Iguazu to Buenos Aires.  I think it's almost as good as the National Geographic picture.  Don't you?

Now we're in Buenos Aires (just BA 'round these parts).  I'll tell you all about it as soon as I get a chance.


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