Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ode to a Hammock

While I was in the US this summer, my family and Katherine Ann spent several lovely days in Provincetown, Cape Cod. During our stay we all had massages, rode bikes along the sea shore, ate too much, and saw the musical Naked Boys Singing.

ask for Larry

truly a must-see

We also did a little shopping. One morning while perusing the boutiques and cafes of P-Town, we stumbled upon a store dedicated to hammocks. Initially, talk was of finding something for my parents to put up at their house, but further discussion proved that Uganda would be the perfect place to have such a luxury. And boy were we right!

Martin & Jo fell asleep one night after dinner

it's Phil's favorite place

view of the hammock & veranda from the yard

technically the dogs do not enjoy the hammock but they look happy here

Hannah clocked about 53 hours in it during her 4 day visit this past weekend

Thanks Mom & Dad for one of the best Christmas presents ever!


  1. Thanks to my shiny new camera I *do* have a picture of Hannah+hammock+Tuna - very cute :)

  2. This is the prefect PR for your future, still- under-cover project.... Have you done any research yet. You gotta get started.